Snowmobile rides Savoie

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How old do you have to be to go snowmobiling?
To drive, you must be at least 18 years old. For passengers, you can board from 5 years old.
Can we change drivers during the ride?
Yes, it is possible halfway, however it is the guide who will tell you where and when to do it, the exchange will never take place before a difficulty. Remember to tell him that there will be 2 pilots.
Can I go alone?
It is obligatory to have a guide with you. We have a very specific route, but also very vast (25 km between slopes, off-piste, forests, etc.). The presence of the guide, in addition to being obligatory, is essential. That said, you can still ask to be alone, but with your guide: it’s a special walk…
What is the total duration of the snowmobile ride?
It takes a good hour: 15 minutes of briefing before departure, and 50 minutes of walking.
I'm a biker. Is it the same?
No. Driving the snowmobile will be closer to that of the quad: you have to stay flat and turn the handlebars. This is why the bikers are a little surprised at first.
What clothing should I wear?
Depending on the time of winter, it can be more or less cold, or even very cold. Put on the outfit you had for skiing, and add a sweater. It’s better to be too hot than the other way around. In terms of shoes, especially no ski boots. Apres ski, or surf boots (except step-in), will be perfect.
Should you wear big gloves?
Despite the fact that you have heated grips, it is better to have good gloves, especially if it is cold.
Do you need a helmet?
Yes. Wearing a helmet is mandatory. We provide you with these helmets. These are jet type helmets, with a full screen, approved for motorcycles. If you want to use yours, it must be approved for the motorcycle. So don’t take your ski helmet. This one is not valid. In addition to the helmets that we provide you, we give you a hygienic, single-use hood.
Can we stop for a restaurant at altitude?
No. In fact, restaurateurs are not authorized to open in the evening, after the slopes have closed.
Is it possible to do more than an hour?
The route that we are proposing and which has been the subject of an impact study and an authorization request can be carried out as part of a normal walk. Going longer would mean doing the route several times. The walks therefore last one hour, in the evening after the slopes close, between 5:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.