Paragliding first flight

In summer

Paragliding first flight
Vol en parapente Les Saisies

Let’s make your
paragliding first flight
In Les Saisies

Come and discover the famous Saisies flight site, made famous thanks to the film “Intouchables”!

The flight will begin with a briefing in the company of your qualified instructor and in a few minutes you will reach the take-off zone, from where you will depart…
In just a few steps, you will be supported by your wing and discover the joys of free flight.
After a few minutes of “playing” in the thermals, you will manage to reach the summits and there, the panorama promises to be exceptional!
So, open your eyes and prepare you to see Mont-Blanc but also the fauna (chamois, marmots) and the flora of this beautiful region, which is Beaufortain.

If you loved it, the Volatiles school also offers introductory courses to teach you how to fly on your own!

30 minutes from Albertville, Megève and 45 minutes from Annecy, with direct access from Lyon and Geneva.

Vol biplace découverte

Tandem flight


Discover the magic of paragliding, in a tandem flight with your certified instructor, above the Saisies resort

15 to 20 minutes

From 102€*

Vol parapente biplace

Tandem flight


Admire the splendid mountains of Savoie, including of course the majestic Mont-Blanc..

25 to 30 minutes

From 132€*

Vol en parapente premium

Tandem flight


We leave you the drive of the paragliding; accompanied by your instructor, you are in charge!

25 to 30 minutes

From 170€*

Hélico parapente Exp'airience



Climb to the start of the paragliding flight in a helicopter-ULM, and have a flight by paragliding!

From 260€*


* Prices may change during the season.

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How does it works?

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Baptême de parapente en Savoie

The paragliding
first flight

For who?

The tandem paragliding first flight is for everybody, from 7 to 77 years old.
For children: we recommend flights at 9 a.m.
For people over 100kg: flights from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. are recommended with larger sails.


First of all, thanks to your good mood, don’t forget that our instructors are there to listen to you throughout the flight, so don’t hesitate to share your emotions, they will take care of the rest!
For more information, see our FAQ page (button below)

For the clothes?

A fleece or windbreaker is welcome, don’t forget good shoes (sneakers or hiking shoes) and gloves for those who are more chilly. To take full advantage of it, also take a pair of sunglasses. Even in summer, the temperature drops at height!

The equipment is frequently disinfected and cleaned

Have a flight from the site of the film “Intouchables”

It was the Volatiles aux Saisies who participated in the filming of the film Intouchable, with Omar Sy and François Cluzet. Do you want to fly on the same site as them? No problem !

Film intouchable parapente
Film intouchable parapente
Film intouchable parapente
Film intouchable parapente
Film intouchable parapente