Paragliding flight


Paragliding first flight

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Who can fly a tandem paraglider? How old ?
In fact, there is no real age. You simply and imperatively need to be able to run twenty meters and jump off a stool after getting on it without help. The paragliding experience is not a “merry-go-round”! For children, they must be “demanding”. It’s for their own pleasure…
Which flight to choose?
For a first flight, the standard flight is very good. This allows you to discover the activity and see if you like it. On this last point, there are normally no concerns. For a 2nd flight or more, you can choose the performance flight. This one is longer and more “turbulent”. We fly in thermal conditions that allow us to climb and fly longer. The downside is that it moves and some people may feel nauseated.
Is there a weight limit?
Most tandem paragliding sails are designed to support a total flying weight (canopy + pilot + passenger) of 200 to 220 kg. They are tested well beyond this maximum load!!! So it holds!!! For heavy passengers, it is best to book your flight late morning or afternoon. You must be able to run twenty meters and jump off a stool after getting on it without help.
What clothing should you wear?
Even if summer temperatures are mild, even hot, it is still preferable to bring a small sweater or sweatshirt, and a windbreaker for the top, and long pants for the bottom. In terms of shoes, hiking shoes will do the job perfectly.
And for the children?
For children weighing less than 40kg, it is best to book your flight in the morning, while the air is still very calm. It must of course be the child who is requesting the theft. For younger children, they should be able to spend an hour with someone they don’t know. When this is the case, it’s a real treat for them too.
What shoes do we wear?
A pair of high tops or hiking shoes will do the trick. They offer good ankle support to prevent sprains, and good sole support for running when taking off. Flip-flops, sandals, and heeled shoes are not welcome…
I am dizzy. Is it a problem to do a paragliding experience?
This is a subject that comes up all the time and which has held back many candidates for paragliding. Dizziness DOES NOT EXIST IN PARAGLIDING!!! The notion of vertigo only occurs when you have contact with the ground (cliff, top of a ladder, etc.). When paragliding, you are comfortably seated in your harness, and you no longer have contact with the ground. So no worries. This is happiness…
Who is taking us up in the air?
The instructors who take you are all qualified, state paragliding certified, and able to take passengers in tandem paragliding. They are all experienced, passionate pilots, who will be able to give you confidence if necessary, and pass on the magic of flight to you.
How to get to takeoff? How do we go back up?
Appointments are made at the Sport 2000 store, in Les Saisies, and a shuttle will pick you up there as well as your instructor. If people want to see you fly, they can follow us with their vehicle until takeoff. If you come from VVF, CCAS, or Arêches, specify this when making your reservation. We can give you another meeting point that may be more convenient for you. For the return, the shuttle that took you to the decor will pick you up.
Is it dangerous?
No ! Paragliding is a so-called “risky” sport, but when these are calculated and controlled, there is no problem. The instructors who take you are qualified and trained in paragliding. And you also have to tell yourself that the instructors don’t want to hurt themselves, or take any risks, and you’re stuck together…. So no problem.
Should you be sporty?
No, it is not an obligation. As we specified in the questions above: You must be able to run twenty meters and jump from a stool after getting on it without assistance
How does the paragliding takeoff take place?
WE DON’T JUMP PARAGLIDING, WE TAKE OFF!!! 3 to 4 steps forward to inflate the sail, followed by a run of a few meters to be able to take off. Quickly, we feel the sail supporting us. The following strides will become increasingly light and airy. Then it’s takeoff: a magical and unforgettable moment!!! We never felt like we were “jumping into the void”. We took off very gently.
How is the flight going?
You are installed in front of the monitor, comfortably seated in a 3D version rocking chair. Your mission at that moment is to enjoy, nothing to do other than enjoy to the fullest!!! If conditions permit, you will even have the opportunity to pilot your paraglider yourself with instructions from your instructor who is not far away…
How does paragliding land?
We return to a standing position, legs down. A few small movements to stretch your legs after 15-20 minutes of flight. There, we look at the ground arrived and we already start running in the air to prepare to touch the ground. There, as for takeoff, we remain standing and we take a few steps forward, and we wait for the sail to fall behind us.